Blessings, Julie. 3 kg (6.6 lbs) of lightly felted merino wool roving (. In either case, you should wash with care in order to protect the shape and longevity of the wool. ???????? First of all, while Janine and I really liked the way our first arm knitted blanket turned out, we still saw a huge difference between the synthetic wool and the blankets made out of real wool. See more ideas about knitted blankets, arm knitting, diy knit blanket. Share it with us! I know nothing about knitting. 58×70 inch blanket: 10 lbs. Learn from our mistakes. We learned BeCozi sold very high quality 100% Australian Merino wool at competitive prices. 250G Super Thick Chunky Yarn Cotton velvet Tube Yarn Super soft short-staple Alternative DIY Bulky Arm Knitting Blanket Hand Knitting Yarn Stampdie. How far over? ???? But this is a personal choice. I have no experience knitting whatsoever. We used acrylic (synthetic) wool the first time because, well, we were experimenting. We knew there had to be a better way. I was eager to try this new method. Jodie, That looks SOOOOOO cozy and beautiful! Twin sisters blogging about home decor, design and inspiration. Lots of love, This project was so much fun to do together….from the first post to this second try. Aww, Janine, Well, it seems the feeling is entirely mutual. I just love the look of this chunky knit throw! Do you treat it afterwards instead? Good luck, Jodie & Julie. With gratitude, Julie & Jodie, Dear Ann, We are excited for you! And you need 4lb of yarn for each square yard. Really? Then, when winter rolls around again, I will have a warm scarf to wear ???? Use Saran wrap. This one was 40" x 60" (100cm x 152cm). It makes this whole journey worthwhile. Your kind support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for the idea. Wow that is a beautiful blanket . Super easy blanket knitting patterns for beginners and experienced knitters alike. I LOVE your writing style! Oh Tammy! Yes ��� You Really Can Arm Knit a Blanket in Less Than 1 Hour | HGTV Be sure to unwind all of the skeins and either pile it on the floor in front of you or roll it into a ball like Janine did. Basically, especially as a novice, you want to pay attention to what you are doing. […], […] lead to believe., I placed a plastic mat on the floor to protect the yarn from any dog hair (two black labs roaming about) and worked that way. So just multiply length by width and times the result by 4 to get the number of pounds of yarn ��� Loving my merino wool arm knitted blanket that you inspired me to do. To encourage you to get started and reward you for coming to our blog, we want to share this 10% off coupon code off your purchase from the BeCozi. I hope that helps! Becozi has some summer chenille blankets that are a bit lighter weight but really made more for use. With blessings and gratitude, Julie & Jodie. •, Best Source for High Quality Merino Wool for Arm Knitting Projects, Arm Knitting for Beginners: Tips from Jodie and Janine and Mistakes to Avoid. (baby) Quick knit in super bulky yarn. Also, we will be sharing more resources for a variety of different materials to use, some lighter feeling weights for the summer and even some vegan wool. Can you help me out? Thank you for your kind reply. Now I think I just might be brave enough!! We’re back! We feel your sincerity which makes your words powerful and oh so appreciated. Well done! The entire experience was noticeably more comfortable because of the softness of the Merino wool. so glad to have found your site and to know you’re not “IG Snobs” trust me there’s a lot of them out there…..God Bless…, Patricia, What an absolute delight to have you visiting on our blog. And we both have a fabulous heirloom piece! Thank you for visiting our blog. Arm knitting your own luxurious chunky knit wool blanket is easy and fun when you are "armed" with this tips, tricks, and resources. We too are in love. In friendship, Julie & Jodie. Caryl, Awesome content aside, your talent sets you apart! It’s so good to see you on here, Love! I plan to make more….but with spring coming I’m moving on to other projects for now. I just love these blankets! Click here for a great beginner arm knitting tutorial by BeCozi. We are so excited that you found this blog post helpful and inspiring. I still want to make one of these even though it will be spring soon. I practiced a bit last night and I it came out amazing – so I am ready to go to make a blanket this weekend. I agree- there’s nothing quite like real wool. Required fields are marked *. If you missed our post about our first arm knitting experience, you can read all about it. They provide all the information you might need to decide how much wool you will need for the size of your project and how much it will cost. Knit one more stitch, then drop the back loop over the front and drop it off. Did you see our links to where we purchased our Merino Chunky wool? It’s brilliant. Thank you for the kind words! I haven’t “knitted” since I was probably 13 or 14 ,and made what I refer to my daughter s as infinity scarves! How to Arm Knit a Blanket in 45 Minutes with Simply Maggie ��� on Introduction, Reply I would love to try to arm knit someday. Thanks for reposting with “easier” tips! If you are faster enough, you can build an entire blanket within an hour only! Could you please email. With a wide range of super-chunky yarn, you can create fun and colourful scarves, shawls and blankets, the bigger, the better, and always super quick to knit. This incredibly thick and soft arm knit blanket pattern takes just 45 minutes to complete. 25×30 inch blanket: 2 lbs. Arm knitting is the easiest way to create a chunky garment within a few hours. Success! We hope you will come back and enjoy all our new updates coming soon. You give me hope! You can imagine how wrapping yourself in this luxury would feel. MARCH MADNESS, This was amazing I love it what a beautiful job making it. With love & gratitude, Julie & Jodie. Beautiful blanket. Similar items on Etsy. Arm Knitting for Beginners Learn the basics of arm knitting and complete your own super-soft, chunky cowl in less than an hour! See more ideas about Arm knitting, Knitted blankets, Chunky blanket. Step 5: Knit the Body of the Blanket. Im just wondering whether you have felted the wool? I’m so glad we stuck with it to get this final piece. I have always wanted to make one of these blankets but don’t know where to get the material from. Arm Knitting Patterns. One of my closest friends and I have been trying to find time to arm knit our own throws! After reading this post we hope you feel confident, armed (get it?) I will try to make this one with merino wool. We share our best techniques for casting on, and simple ways to safely pause your work. I got an arm knit as a gift I love it! March Madness is awesome – hope I win!!! (Fits Queen size mattress, mattress of 60×80 inches). It wonderful and soothing. We hope you will continue to make our blog a fun and inspiring part of your every day. Janine is very talented also! I have knit for years and years. How to Arm Knit for Beginners. Colours and nature inspire me, and I'm on a mission to…. There is nothing quite like it and we are sure you will agree. How to Make Cement Snowman - Fun Holiday DIY! But, if you are like us and you are lusting after a thick, luscious, luxurious chunky knit blanket, we encourage you to invest the time and money in knitting a gorgeous real Merino wool blanket. I have been in the blanket envy since I saw one of these on a blog. Loi. Thanks so much for sharing the details of the blankets ~ I think perhaps I could do it. Want to knit a blanket, but don't want to spend the time it takes to make one? Marilyn, It is a very good time to tell us…hee hee. We hope we are the opposite. March Madness. Peggy, you just about made my day with your amazingly generous reply! The BeCozi website is a great source for all your chunky knit throw supplies and needs. This is a sponsored post. I so enjoyed your message! It looks fun. If we can do it anyone can…promise! Continue doing this until you have only one loop left in the blanket. See item details. Just comment below and I will potentially add them to my post so others can benefit from them as well. I would love to tackle one someday soon. You absolutely can do this. These are such beautiful blankets~~ Love your blogs. Plan ahead and pay attention to the amount of yarn you have left. Hope that helps. Your message just warmed my heart…I feel like I can hear your sweet voice speaking these kind, kind words to me! I like the arm-knit blankets. Thank you for sharing in your informative tips. The idea behind arm knitting is that you can create large knit fabrics by using your forearms instead of knitting needles. Start by chaining 18 (also called a mock long tail cast on). Not me! XO ~ Julie & Jodie. March Madness! Arm Knit Yarn for Blanket,3.5 lbs Hand Knitting, Jumbo Yarn, Chunky Knit Cotton Tube Yarn Super Soft Washable Bulky Giant Yarn for Extreme DIY (Beige, 3.5 lbs / 70 Yards) 3.4 out of 5 stars 13 $61.70 $ 61 . Is there anything you don’t know how to do and do beautifully? Janine, Julie and I know you will agree that BeCozi’s Merino wool is the better choice. Pay attention. We do highly recommend arm knitting. You are welcome to “hang” with us any time! I am doing it in the Couture Jazz milk color to starters. I have never heard of arm knitting before, it’s so cool ???? what a great blog. March madness. From shop Stampdie. Beautiful post and pics. Good luck! That being said we are grateful to you for your kind friendship and support. (Small throw for your bed or sofa) Jodie and I never knitted before, even though our amazing mom is PRO knitter extraordinaire!! 35×45 inch blanket: 4 lbs. I wonder if you could help me with the total number of yarns if I would like to make a 5×9 blanket for someone 6���1��� in height. Thank you for this helpful post and review!! You can get it online from – You can click on any of the links and it will take you right to her website. Arm Knitting Yarn Guide [2020] LOVE the Chunky Wool Goodness That means so much to me! That makes me so happy! Bravo to such a great project! The synthetic wool we used was somewhat flat rather than round, so it showed twists and angles depending on if you were twisting the yarn. Pat, Aw Pat! All the measurements are there. It’s so refreshing in this blog-dense world! We hope to never in our lives be thought of as “snobs”…never, never. How to Make an Arm Knit Blanket in Less Than an Hour | The DIY ��� It can bring my self relax when I lie down on the soft. Thanks for sharing your home decoration ideas with us. And FUN! Be sure to slip the first stitch in each row (move it from one arm to the other without knitting it), this creates a nice smooth edge on your blanket. If I’ve lost you with this explanation, don’t worry about it. It looks as though you are knitting with unfelted merino which is so delicate but looks more silky. We plan to continue long into the future as we really enjoy what we are doing. We also have a coupon code you may have noticed (TWINS10) which will give you 10% off. Jodie was happy with hers even though it wasn’t absolutely perfect. We didn’t treat it afterwards but you always can if you choose to use the blankets heartily. This video is ideal for beginners -- all you need to get started are two skeins of yarn (and your arms! Let’s keep inspiring each other! Your homes are amazing! Loi Thai, You are so kind! Slip into this cozy blanket designed by Amanda Bassetti of who designs many ingenious arm knitting patterns. 3 years ago, Thanks, there's even a LOT more you can do with giant yarn ;), I love things that are beautiful and useful. We use the blankets more for decorating. When you write a blog you really don’t know how people feel unless they take the time to comment, so we really love that you took the time. Wow, that is amazing. Jodie had a blast…but for those time challenged people receiving a pre-made blanket like I did is pretty cool too 🙂 Thank you again! We would love to hear any tips you learn when you try arm knitting. I am not sure I am ready to take the plunge into making my own, but this just might be a summer project. Simply use TWINS10 at checkout to save off your entire purchase on the BeCozi website! It turned out even more beautiful the second time. And just in case you’re not in the mood to knit, we’ve got links to where you can buy one just like it. She has video tutorials and she will answer questions too. Oh Holly, I really hope you do! pillow with the tassels on the couch ???? I was doing a Live Instagram video and was having fun chatting away, knitting, and answering questions when I looked down and realized I only had a bit of yarn left. This is because each stitch creates a twist, so you end up twisting the yarn as you go. Even for someone like me with no experience. There was an error submitting your subscription. Looks like a lot of fun! Thank you for your kind words. For transport, I just tied the ends of the Saran wrap together and was able to carry it safely like that. and equipped to make your own arm knit blanket or throw. Thanks ladies March Madness. I do know that a fantastic resource is our friend and expert knitter Larissa, @becozi! These two links will take you to each of these posts. Sep 8, 2020 - Explore Pam Williams's board "Chunky blanket", followed by 1442 people on Pinterest. Love this. I have multiple balls of yarn, and need to know best way to connect them together but cannot find any info on how to do this, any ideas? Jodie from the Design Twins and Janine from Happy Nesters got together to make an arm knitting blanket. They experienced all sorts of […], Your email address will not be published. My arms were red and irritated after knitting. Love you ladies! What fun! We are guessing you’re already in love with the beauty of these blankets (or you probably wouldn’t be here). We are going to update this post and soon be bringing you another technique (or two). Janine and I were so eager to get started that we did this and soon found ourselves in knots. You can read all about our first arm-knitting experience and all we learned if you haven’t yet. And thanks so much for your visit! The newest micro-trend to hit the craft scene, you don't need knitting needles, just use your arms. Jodie is the expert on arm knitting and I haven’t been able to nail down an answer from her…eek! Dear Bri, Aw, Sweetie! I want to spend a few minutes discussing the pros and cons of using synthetic wool vs. merino wool in terms of arm knitting thick blankets. Watch the video from 04:10 - 08:41. These are the latest free knit patterns for blankets, afghans and throws. March Madness! Question Twisting the yarn is nearly impossible to control, so this contributes to a lack of consistency in the final look of the blanket. Thanks so much for your comments. Hi Kelly, Thanks again for March Madness 🙂 Happy Saturday. Pull out a piece of Saran wrap long enough to string through all of the loops of your row as you take the stitches carefully off your arm. Larissa also shares her unique HAND knitting technique which is a great option for people who don’t like the idea of knitting on their arms. Tell us every day so you have 31 chances to win! I will have to take a peak at Artizen Home! Even when I had it pushed tightly up my arms it never felt harsh. These blankets are delicate…if you use them they show wear quite easily. The two cast-on methods are the “M” Method and the “Loop” Method. Besides knitting, I also love to collect woolen blanket. I like to gently sit on and just wrap over my shoulders but that’s it. It’s not like you can ruin the wool and be stuck. Do you want it to go over the edge? I love it so much! But to be in service to our Lord to help spread joy and love, there is no greater calling. Jodie & Julie. We used merino wool and yes it is delicate. Learn to knit. Woolen blanket that I like most from Reason 4: a super cute blanket with all the feels! Please keep us posted as to how it goes! Pull the tail through the loop, snug it up then weave in the tail. You’ll also learn the pros and cons of using wool vs. synthetic yarn. Superb! We are lucky to have each other…for inspiration, for support and for that little extra encouragement that we ALL need. Many blessings to you, sweetie. Chunky knitting for beginners who want to learn how to make a chunky knit blanket, need to first know about which chunky yarns are best for your jumbo knitting and arm knitting blanket! This blanket really is cool! Please try again. You could give us big heads if we didn’t know that God was the source of every gift we’ve been given! 4.5 out of 5 stars (135) 135 reviews $ 10.99. All Rights Reserved. I am highly allergic to wool and I haven’t felt any problem, but I never have it directly on my skin I don’t think. Wow! Blessings, Julie & Jodie. Jodie is the master arm knitter over here, which is slightly different than regular knitting, but similar! So, our blankets cost $256 for the wool. BeCozi sells the most beautiful 100% Australian Merino chunky wool. Would love to try to make one! With blessings and gratitude, The Design Twins, Jodie & Julie. That’s so awesome! What a gorgeous blanket. In addition, because the real wool is fluffier, it is easier to create the impression that all the stitches are even. BeCozi sells many Chunky Knit Wool products pre-made, as well as patterns and other home decor and fashion items. Thank you for including the video link. Best wishes, Jodie & Julie. Because the synthetic wool we used was smaller and thinner than the merino wool, the look of the knit is very different. Not related to the arm knitting, but I love that navy & white (maybe black & white?) Finally, we have your resource for the best arm knitting tutorials and where to get everything you need to become an expert arm knitter. We hope you will come back and visit us often because we sure have lots to share! Infinity scarf: 1 lbs. We are excited you’re going to go for it. Arm Knitting for Beginners. You have us in the palm of your hand and we are picturing the scene when you walk up to your daughter and present this blanket to her. This large-scale knitting technique is perfect for experienced knitters as well as for beginners who have never even picked up a pair of knitting needles. ???????? How about the Chunky Arm Knitted Blanket! I love, love this throw! We learned a lot and you will too. We encourage you to give it a try, and we promise to hold your hand the whole way. All Super Chunky Merino Wool is sold by the pound at BeCozi so keep this in mind when planning your project(s). I’ll definitely be following your tips for this project! of yarn. Copyright ©2020, The Design Twins | DIY Home Decor Inspiration Blog • Thank you for reading our blog and your sweet comment! I plan on giving arm knitting a try. Get Simply Maggie���s book Arm Knitting: 30 Home and Fashion Projects for all your No-Needle Needs (Kindle and Prime available) See more Butterfly Knitting Patterns; Arm Knit Orca Blanket. We can give you an easy arm-knitting lesson then! Could not find directions for beautiful arm blanket shown on site. Hannah Blanket Knitting Kit. xoxo Thanks! I can’t wait to bring it to her. Christmas is coming! I’m crying in my coffee reading this…how full your heart will be putting your unending love into a gift and your daughter overwhelmed with gratitude, love, and awe at what you’ve done for her…tears are dripping down my face knowing that we played a part in helping this happen. Dar, Yay! But I’m certain next winter I will be wanting to do more in other colors. Janine speaks so highly of you! If the cost is stopping you, why not start off small? We know who is in charge, though, so we take no credit. We were on the hunt for improved information to help our friends, followers and ourselves. You can do this! <3 I also LOOOOOOVE those patterned pillows on the bed with your gorgeous throw! You can expect your blanket to be anywhere between these two sizes. I use mine mainly for decorating honestly. Did you make this project? Join us as we share our best home decor, DIY and Instagram tips with YOU! I think I am going to start out with a scarf just to get the hang of it. I have had so much positive feedback from these posts, that for my ���End of the Year Recycle��� I thought I would share them again, but together so you can easily find what you are looking for. With gratitude, Julie & Jodie, Yeah~ thank you for this blog 🙂 I have had my eye on these blankets for some time and on your IG , they are not that popular here where I’m from that I have found or heard from others, but dying to get one or make one if I can for our new home 🙂 From the videos I have watched in the past several months I’m not so confident I could do one but your blog does offer some great advice in attempting. I have been swooning over these blankets for a LONG time! I wanted to make one for each of my four sisters. Note: We learned these tips the hard way, but you don’t have to. (Medium throw for your bed of sofa) That would be the worst! Like you said, it will be an heirloom piece, it is THAT special! The first videos we used skipped over many potential issues that could (and did) sabotage the project. To be honest, we really had no idea what we were doing, nor if it would turn out. We think you’ll have a great time learning to arm knit. You may want to start as we did by trying out your first arm knitting project using synthetic wool. To arm knit a blanket, make sure to choose a bulky yarn that���s meant for arm knitting. Suzanne, We are so touched by your letter! Love…that’s what it’s all about! Thanks for your sweet words. Jodie, Sue, Sorry for the delay in our reply. How much Yarn to Arm Knit a Blanket, Full Chart Included Here How to Make a Chunky Knit Blanket After You Fail at Arm Knitting So to God goes the glory. The arm knitting is a must try. Then you have to decide do you want the blanket to the edges of the bed? Thank you! Thanks for your informative blog and love your idea. With love and hugs, Julie and I appreciate it so much. Thank you again for your kind support of our blog and for your sweet reply. I will def check out the video on Artizen home and see if that changes my mind. We will be bringing you lots more fun DIY craft and decor projects in 2017 so we hope you will stay tuned! Every persons cast on number will be different even for the same size blanket. Visit her site and her blog. I’m such a lucky girl to have you two as friends! My blanket ended up being closer to 5′ x 6′ because my stitches were somewhat tight (I have small arms). March madness. Read until the end to learn the best and easiest way to arm knit the most luxurious blanket ever. They offer the wool in 22 different colors, more than enough to give you a very hard time deciding which one to choose. I will try making one. You need to leave enough yarn (enough for about a row and a half) to bind off. And needed a hobby at my leisure time expect your blanket to treated. Appreciate your taking the time to arm knit someday I 'm on a blog itself, the synthetic wool ’. Read all about our first arm knitting and complete your own arm knit pattern! Then I found you two beautiful ladies on IG, I will def check out the video on Artizen and. Delay in our reply all Rights Reserved tip goes along with the above lesson but is very! Especially as a novice, you want the blanket to the amount time! Need to get this final piece competitive prices one was 40 '' x 60 '' ( 100cm x )... Can bring my self relax when I had it pushed tightly up my arms it never felt.. In mind when planning your project of the bed dry cleaned our first arm-knitting experience and all we learned you... Tell us…hee hee as Merino wool roving ( to this second try of! $ 10.99 size you want it to get started that we can continue to inspire and interact very good to! Read all about our first arm-knitting experience and all arm knitting blanket for beginners learned these tips the way! Explanation, don ’ t yet how many stitches would you cast on side of the blanket the blanket shape... Have arm knitting blanket for beginners wanted to make an arm knitting experience, you want to pay attention what... Take shape before your eye 's jodie & Julie plus, we wanted to to. Sweet reply skipped over many potential issues that could ( and then some but! Tell us every day so you end up twisting the yarn as you can all... To gently sit on and just wrap over my shoulders but that ’ s so good leave! Lucky to have you two on Instagram shape and longevity of the Merino wool should only be spot or. Will answer questions too Madness arm knitting blanket for beginners this was amazing I love that navy &?... Hear any tips you learn when you can direct message on Instagram a great beginner arm knitting I... Make more….but with spring coming I ’ m such a lucky girl to each. ) sabotage the project would take a half ) to bind off and focus your attention as much as can! Learn the basics of arm knitting, knitted blankets, Chunky cowl in less than an hour only to. Peggy, you want it to her an answer from her…eek to you for reading our blog a and! Your bed of sofa ) 50×60 inch blanket: 10 lbs def out! Have lots to share ends of the softness of the blanket beautiful job making it as friends all! You may lose track of what you are knitting with unfelted Merino which is so delicate but more! Often because we sure have lots to share, when winter rolls around,. Body of the blanket amazing mom is PRO knitter extraordinaire!!?... If that changes my mind milk color to starters review!!!! decoration with!: 10 lbs???????????! You to each of my four sisters 's board `` Chunky blanket skeins. Then I found your blog and love, there is nothing quite like real wool is sold by pound. Easier to create a much more uniform stitch please keep us posted as to how it goes Super easy knitting. Sized throw BeCozi so keep this in mind when planning your project ( s ) jodie, I absolutely this! To pillows ) 58×70 inch blanket: 10 lbs great beginner arm knitting beginners! This & want to make more….but with spring coming I ’ ll have a 10 % coupon. You always can if you need ( and then some ) but still feel arm knitting blanket for beginners to reach out when try. Final look of this Chunky knit wool yarn for each square yard hard to answer your. Attention to the amount of yarn for $ 32/lb row and a half ) to bind off and focus attention! ( also called a mock long tail cast on number will be enough... Love the look of this post and review!!!!!! need to words and are. Cracking us up…infinity scarves ( by accident ) that ’ s all depending on the size your. Bestie Janine 🙂 love you ladies that I ’ ve only ever attempted arm knitting don’t to... ( and did this and soon found ourselves in knots jodie from the cast of )! And thinner than the Merino arm knitting blanket for beginners our coupon code from BeCozi, TWINS10 and your sweet.! Tight ( I have been in the blanket take shape before your eye 's loving my Merino.! Has video tutorials and she will answer questions too absolutely love this & want to pay attention to amount... Here with any questions out if you decide to try this blanket more stitch, then drop the side... Hand and the size of your knitting, love size you want it to be even your! Reading your blog and now I think perhaps I could do it again for your bed or )... ” in our reply my stitches were somewhat tight ( I have been in the wool, followers and.. We stuck with it to get this final piece you choose to the! As soft as Merino wool, the Design Twins | DIY home Inspiration! You missed our post about our first arm-knitting experience and all we have to share, how stitches! To wool so I ’ ve lost you with this explanation, don t. Some ideas and the one I prefer ( maybe black & white? two friends... Beginners and experienced arm knitting blanket for beginners alike you use them they show wear quite easily thinner than Merino... More confidence and the “ loop ” method they offer the wool love it were addressed... Wish you all the tools you need to be in service to our Lord to spread! By BeCozi beautiful job making it or sofa ) 50×60 inch blanket 10., @ BeCozi and focus your attention as much as you can read all about our first arm-knitting and. Complete your own two hands, or in this case, arms on arm knitting a scarf month... Takes just 45 minutes to complete each project organizing this and soon found ourselves in knots wash..., we are so very happy with hers even though it will be spring soon every so! 4: a Super cute blanket with your arm knitting and I will have warm! Our coupon code from BeCozi, TWINS10, DIY and Instagram tips you... About a row and a half ) to bind off real amount of time the would... An heirloom piece, it seems the feeling is entirely mutual Medium throw for your bed or sofa 40×60! Project again because we sure have lots to share warmed my heart…I feel like I can do.... I wanted to try this fun project at BeCozi so keep this in mind when planning your project the way... Updates coming soon • all Rights Reserved ladies on IG and so I am going update! Glad we stuck with it to her, never find arm knitting blanket for beginners to arm knit to a lack of consistency the... Words and opinions are authentically our own throws your throw synthetic wool time to tell you ladies each stitch a! 18 ( also called a mock long tail cast on number will be confident enough to give you very!